"My family has enjoyed working with everybody at Eureka General for the past 25 years.  We've saved a lot of money and purchased better insurance coverage with their professional guidance and advice.  

I was losing money in my 401(k) that was just sitting there from my previous employer.  I was extremely grateful when you advised me that I could simply do a 401(k) roll over and eliminate my risk.  Now, everytime I receive my statement  from my new carrier, I have a steady growth in interest. This makes me very happy!"

" Mike, from Eureka General, came to my home to review my policies.  He was able to save me money and provide me with maximum benefits.  Something that no other Agent had shown me, the difference in coverage other than just a deductible.  I have referred numerous family, friends and business associates to Eureka General.  The feedback I have received for these referrals is always one of extreme gratitude."

Alyce P.
Financial Services Manager

Concord, CA.


We are proud of our extensive list of partners, as we work hard to ensure that you get the best insurance solution for your need. 


Brad H.
Marketing Director
Coit Services

Modesto, CA.

Saving Money is NO Accident!


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" It was great to see how you provided hands on service during the Ohland family fire back in 1998.  We have a great photo and testimonial from them hanging in our office right now.  All of the years I've been working with Coit  and all the fire damage losses that we've been on, the level of service and professionalism you extend to your policyholders is bar none."

Lisa J.
Mortgage Consultant
Mortgage Professionals

San Ramon, CA.